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MAYA BANK Overdraft Facility for SME The MAYA BANK Overdraft Facility for SME was designed to provide you with swift and convenient access to additional liquidity.

MAYA BANK Overdraft Facility MAYA BANK commercial credits can be utilized on a current account basis in the form of fixed advances or documentary credits and bank guarantees. As such, these lines of credit can be repaid at any time and without notification.
MAYA BANK Fixed Advance The MAYA BANK fixed advance can be used to finance capital spending and working capital. The principal, the term and the rate of interest are fixed in advance for the entire duration of the advance.
MAYA BANK Libor Loan The MAYA BANK Libor Loans offer you a flexible and attractive solution for financing your investments without a fixed framework term.
MAYA BANK Fixed-Rate Loan Used to finance capital spending over the medium to long term. The principal, any repayments, the term and the rate of interest are fixed in advance for the entire duration of the loan.
Overdrafts are a flexible form of borrowing intended to finance day-to-day cash flow requirements generated by normal business activity. Overdraft facilities are offered to SME customers to meet their borrowing requirements for business needs such as working capital, upgrading factory/ office, and purchase of property or equipment.
We offer a comprehensive range of trade and export finance products designed to reduce trade and credit risks when you do business abroad.
Documentary Credits
We have compiled a set of checklists to help you make sure that every document is filled in correctly.
Overview of Documentary Credits Documentary Credits for Exporters
Documentary Credits For Importers
Bank Guarantees
Export Finance
Project finance is a long-term method of financing large infrastructure and industrial projects based on the projected cash flow of the finished project rather than the investors’ own finances.
Project finance structures usually involve a number of equity investors as well as a syndicate of banks who will provide loans to the project.
• Oil and Gas – including exploration, production, storage, refining, gasification and production platforms
• Petrochemicals
• Power and Energy – including thermal, nuclear and renewable, as well as power transmission and distribution
• Infrastructure and Water – including pipelines and water desalination and treatment
• Telecommunications – including cellular, cable, fixed and mobile
• Space and Satellite – including direct broadcast, broadband and satellite imaging systems
• Waste disposal and recycling
• Mining and Metals
• Natural resources
• Pulp and paper
• Transportation – including airports, rail, roads and shipping

• MAYA BANK Overdraft Facility for SME

• Overdraft Customers have the facility of overdrawing their current accounts up to a previously agreed upon limit. Since both obtaining and repaying overdrafts is flexible and requires no formal requests or agreements, overdrafts are a convenient solution for short-term borrowing needs.

• Drawing against uncleared effects (“DAUE”) DAUE refers to funds drawn on a customer’s account against banker`s draft deposited to the same account but not yet processed and cleared through the banker`s draft clearing system. Repayment will be automatic through the clearance of the un-cleared banker`s draft.

• Business Overdraft (BOD) This is a variation of the overdraft facility where the customer agrees to credit the account with 3% to 5% (or higher depending on approved % in country’s underwriting document) of the utilized amount over the next 30 days.

International trade can be a tricky business. How well do you know your customer? What payment method is most appropriate?

Documentary credits usually require the presentation of certain documents, which must be complied with before payment can take place. You must be aware that banks examine the documents only with respect to the documentary credit and do not look at contracts, agreements or the condition of the goods.

For an exporter, a documentary credit from the importer’s bank removes the risk that the buyer will not pay.

For an importer, a documentary credit requires the importer to comply with the agreed conditions for payment is made.

MAYA BANK bank guarantee is an effective way of securing performance and payment in an increasingly challenging business environment.

As a solution provider to world-wide exporters, MAYA BANK offers you individual financing solutions that optimally support the demands of your business.

• MAYA BANK combine strong legal skills with deep industry knowledge. We are regularly engaged in projects in diverse industries, including the following: